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How Does It Work?

A professional drum circle facilitator leads the team drumming experience and brings the group, which can be as little as five or as many as a few hundred, through the basic skills needed to access drum rhythms, much like a conductor will direct an orchestra.

The group is introduced to simple rhythms, and learns and plays together until the group energy brings them up to the next level of success. The facilitator may also use “rhythm games” in order to allow each group member to fully realize their potential within the group.

As the team drums together, the facilitator enables them to develop a common language that allows communication to flow freely among the members of the group. One main objective of the workshop is to bring the group to an empowered point where they are able to access the skills required to successfully play polyrhythms, which are a collection of interwoven rhythmical layers.

Finally, the team go away on a high with each member having experienced success and with the reinforced idea of cooperation over competition, the importance of truly listening to each other, how each member of a team is as important as the other, and the interdependence of the corporate community.

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