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Why Drum?

There’s nothing quite like a group drumming experience to unify teams, energize groups and bring people together. It’s dynamic, powerful and unique experience that has been around since the dawn of time it worked then and it works now!

The great thing is that group drumming transcends all boundaries. Suddenly it doesn’t matter anymore who you are, where are you from, or what you do for a living – everyone communicates through the language of rhythm.

Anyone can take part, everyone becomes equal and it quickly becomes apparent that what you can achieve together is far greater than what you can do alone.

It is an interactive, magical, group experience that people never forget and talk about for months to come!


Drumming is the oldest known form of teambuilding.

It is powerful and unforgettable! It reaches people.

It has been used for centuries to communicate, celebrate and unite.

It transcends all boundaries of race, religion, age, gender, social position.

The drumbeat unifies and creates a common purpose for all who participate

The drum team can take on new challenges, and by cooperating together attain success

It brings out creativity and sparks the imagination

It helps people step out of their rational/analytical mind to be more spontaneous and intuitive

Drumming has been scientifically proven to change brainwave patterns to alpha state, which quickly relieves stress

It’s healthy – it’s boosts the immune system and raises endorphins

Participants learn new ways of working together while having a great time

It’s fabulous entertainment, fantastic fun and it makes people smile and feel happy


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