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Teambuilding in Dubai, Abudhabi
Teambuilding in Dubai, Abudhabi

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Birthday Parties

Nursery Workshops:

Drumming offers a remarkable opportunity for children to learn, grow, and develop in a natural and healthy manner. It not only fosters the acquisition of social skills and confidence but also encourages the acceptance of differences and nurtures the value of teamwork. Furthermore, it aids in the enhancement of gross motor skills and stimulates creativity.

Dubai Drums provides an exceptional and enjoyable music-making experience, designed to cater to individuals of all skill levels. Moreover, our program specifically caters to 3 to 5-year-olds, ensuring that they remain engaged and captivated throughout.

In a matter of minutes, children are introduced to the diverse range of drums we employ, acquainting themselves with the myriad of sounds each instrument produces. As they form a vibrant ensemble, their beats harmonize to create a lively and energetic percussive locomotive. The children actively participate in the performance, enthusiastically engaging in thunderous drum rolls, rhythmic games, call-and-response chants, and exuberant dancing, all of which contribute to an atmosphere brimming with energy and delight.

School Workshops:

Having fun is an important part of effective learning, developing social skills, confidence, and encouraging creativity.
Through African Drumming, Dubai Drums captures the imagination of its audiences while fostering cultural understanding, diversity, team spirit, and connection.

Dubai Drums' inspiring school workshops are designed specifically for primary and secondary school kids, and are FUN, engaging, informative, inclusive, and entertaining, allowing students of all levels to succeed!

University Workshops:

Young people develop a sense of belonging, success, empowerment, and well-being with EVERY BEAT!
Drumming together, which is guaranteed to bring everyone in the room together in minutes, has the power to, stimulate community participation, and inspire change.

Dubai Drums are passionate drum leaders who use the drum and music-making to motivate young adults. Dubai Drums turns a bunch of inexperienced teenage drummers into a dynamic orchestra in a matter of minutes. Their joy grows with each beat as they recognize the power of their rhythmic contributions and realize their musical potential as well as the support of their peers.

Drumming instills in young people key life qualities such as mindfulness, resilience, and tenacity, as well as strengthening communal values, encouraging cultural awareness, diversity, and team spirit.
Because 'the djembe knows no borders,' it brings people of diverse talents, backgrounds, languages, socioeconomic standing, and experiences together in a FUN, relaxing, and creative environment.

Staff Teambuilding:

We work as a team when we drum together, one beat at a time. Drumming together helps to break down social boundaries in a non-threatening and enjoyable environment. Your employees will be able to unwind, develop passion, and gain the confidence they need to fully participate in other 'team' activities.

'Drumming together' is simple, enjoyable, accessible, and successful, as you can see from the youngsters! Drumming together creates a sense of community and celebration, as well as an immediate sense of excitement, accomplishment, and gratification. It also promotes confidence, staff enthusiasm, and good morale. It's a cutting-edge tool for team building, reconnecting with self and others in these disconnected times, leadership development, and employee well-being that'll leave your team feeling relaxed, uplifted, and inspired!

If this strikes the beat for you, email us to find out more on how we can unify your team! or call +971-56-744-2129.



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Thank you for the amazing activity conducted. It surely left our entire team energized. Great Job Team! you were extremely supportive & patient enough to get our team in sync.

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